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The Museum of the Zorn country in Hochfelden


The Museum of the Zorn country in Hochfelden has been set up in the former synagogue restored by ARCHE (initials of the association Animation -Recherche-Culture-Hochfelden et Environs). The former Jewish school and the ritual bath (Mikve) can also be visited. The Jewish complex is registered on the complementary inventory of Historical Monuments. Several artefacts and documents tell the everyday life of the inhabitants of the area. You will also discover the history of the tile works and potters who work the local clat as well as that of the breweries. The department Folklore is represented by artefacts, documents such as "Gettelbriefe", costumes, furniture... Every year the Association will organize temporary exhibits on the ground floor, therefore accessible to the handicapped. The ARCHE will start setting up permanent exhibitions in the following fields: archeology history arts and populartraditions half-timbered houses tile works, lime kilns and potteries beer and hops. Exhibition 2006: Alsatian costumes (7 May - 29 October).



12 Place du Général Koenig